Designed with intention.

Our team of family physicians, nurses, and health coaches is designed to meet your unique needs with a focus on achieving optimal health as a whole person.

Every aspect of our space was crafted with evidence-based architecture to promote comfort and conversation.

Downtown Location

84 Coxe Avenue, Suite #240
Asheville, NC 28801

Call or Text: (828) 552-5757
Office Hours: 9 a.m. – 5p.m. M-F


Complimentary parking in spaces labeled LH or visitor

Meet Our Team

Our team’s vision is to redefine the experience of primary care and transform healthcare to work better for everyone.

Lantern Health provides primary care as it is meant to be: grounded in a relationship between people, focused on an authentic experience, and crafted to help you achieve
your optimal health.

Our Values

We believe in primary care.

We know primary care is the foundation for better health and a better health care system. Better primary care does not have to be complicated. It can and should be accessible, personal, comprehensive, well-coordinated, affordable,
and excellent.

We strive to work smarter.

We keep things simple. We seek robust scientific evidence in all the care we provide while adapting it to personal values. We utilize best-in-class technology to enhance the human experience. We focus on healing, sustainability, and balance.

We seek connection

We have a story and want to hear yours. The core of primary care is relationship, connection. We honor this connection with you and our collective community. We value collaborative and creative spirit, shared decision-making, and integrity. We recognize the intrinsic impact of social determinants. We seek equity.

Our Roots

Our region is known for the art of craft. The skilled maker’s hands know full well that time, care, and focused attention turn raw elements into an exquisite work of art. Ancient things become new again. From this same thread, we reclaim age-old values to illuminate the path toward a better and brighter future in healthcare.

We illuminate the path toward a better and brighter future in healthcare.