Our rates are simple.

With our upfront membership pricing, you know exactly what you are paying, every time – no insurance and no secrets. It is a more affordable and predictable way to access better primary care.

Lantern Team

Monthly Pricing Below:


  • $60 (age 0-17)
  • $80 (age 18-64)
  • $100 (age 65+)


  • $70 (age 18-64)
  • $90 (age 65+)


  • $50 for 1 Child (age 0-17)
  • $100 for 2 Children (age 0-17)
  • $150 for 3 or more Children (age 0-17)


  • $160/month for 1 year (4 trimesters)
  • $800 delivery fee


  • $70 per employee
  • $60 per spouse/partner
  • $45 for 1 Child (age 0-17)
  • $90 for 2 Children (age 0-17)
  • $135 for 3 or more Children (age 0-17)

What is included in
your membership?

We strive to provide 80% of your health care needs and designed our membership to include as many services as possible.

  • Complete wellness & physical assessments
  • Health coaching in behavioral health, exercise & nutrition
  • Chronic disease management
  • Acute visits and care for the occasional sick days
  • Prenatal & pregnancy care
  • Unlimited in-person, phone, text, and video visits
  • Common lab tests (up to 10)
  • Basic x-rays (up to 5)
  • Physician-facilitated care coordination
  • In-office procedures, such as skin lesion removal, contraceptive placement, basic suturing and breathing treatments (up to 5)
  • Routine vaccinations: Influenza, Tetanus & Tdap
  • Access to > 300 medications at wholesale prices through our local, innovative partner Sona Pharmacy

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Focus on getting the care you need instead of assessing the financial impact of each visit, lab test, or x-ray.


The membership fee is better thought of as a more affordable and predictable way to access better primary care. Compared to traditional insurance models, most members and employers save money when DPC is combined with high-deductible health insurance or medical cost sharing plans.


There are no hidden fees, and we seek to provide upfront and transparent pricing for our membership and included services, as well as non-included services. Our pricing is significantly more affordable than average retail.

For stories of how our members are saving money, email hello@lanterndpc.com or call
(828) 552-5757.


Comprehensive Care

Membership vs. Average Retail Price
Annual comprehensive wellness visit: $0 vs. $209
School, Sports, or Work Physical: $0 vs. $209
Health coaching in behavioral health, exercise, and nutrition: $0 vs. $100 per hour
Chronic disease management: $0 vs. $145 per visit
Same-day or next-day acute or sick appointments: $0 vs. $145 per visit

Virtual Access

Membership vs. Average Retail Price
Texting with the Lantern Health team: $0 vs. unavailable
Phone visit: $0 vs. $111 per 10 minutes
Video visit: $0 vs. $111 per 10 minutes
Virtual visit: $0 vs. $111 per 10 minutes

Point-of-Care Lab Tests

Membership vs. Average Retail Price
Cervical wet prep: $0 vs. $24
Glucose: $0 vs. $20
Hemoglobin A1c: $0 vs. $48
Rapid flu: $0 vs. $66
Rapid strep: $0 vs. $66
Urinalysis: $0 vs. $20
Urine pregnancy test: $0 vs. $35

Non-included Services

As a member, you receive additional perks and upfront prices for services not included in your membership.

Over-the-Counter Medications & Basics

Our downtown location is stocked with the most common over the counter medications and basic supplies such as ankle braces for your convenience.

Prescription Medications

Our members have access to over 300 medications at wholesale pricing through our local, innovative partner Sona Pharmacy. View the full prescription medication list with pricing.

Specialty Labs

More specialized labs are not included in the membership, but we have the ability to check pretty much everything through our lab partners LabCorp and Quest. View the the most commonly ordered specialty labs with pricing.

In-Office Procedures

Certain in-office procedures, such as skin biopsies, require input from specialty doctors. Other in-office procedures require sufficient time and supplies to warrant additional cost, such as vasectomies.

Screening and Imaging Referrals

We maintain strong connections with local specialists and imaging centers and can connect you with competitive cash-priced options for screening tests such as colonoscopy and specialized imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs.

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Though we can’t include everything, we think we’ve come pretty close.

Have a specific request or question? Contact us at hello@lanterndpc.com or call (828) 552-5757.

We offer comprehensive primary care for a low monthly fee.