Avenu Health opens in downtown Asheville


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A new health service in downtown Asheville hopes to make treating patients easier and less costly.

Avenu Health’s approach to primary care is similar to signing up to a health club. Members receive 24/7 access to unlimited telehealth visits and nearly unlimited in-person visits. Its ribbon cutting was Monday.

“Primary care is the foundation of making sure that individuals are staying well and making sure their wellness is where it needs to be. By doing the membership basis, we are able to lower the overall costs of what it is to deliver primary care, and we can do it in a more effective way,” Avenu Health president Jonathan Bailey said.

Services include personalized prevention, nutrition and exercise counseling, chronic disease management and care for those occasional sick days. The practice does not accept insurance because clients join through a monthly membership program.

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