Lantern Health Personalizes Your Healthcare Experience – My Healthy Life Podcast: Episode 15

Via Mission Health Blog

A human relationship – a connection – is the core of primary care and a key ingredient to health and wellness. That connection can look different for all of us. A new venture, Avenu Health, right here in Asheville is an alternative to the traditional primary care setting.

Avenu Health is what’s called a “direct primary care” practice for people up to age 64 that uses a membership-based model. You receive comprehensive care including personalized prevention, nutrition and exercise counseling, chronic disease management and care for those occasional sick days.

Ben Aiken, MD, is the medical director and family doctor at Avenu Health. He joined us in our latest podcast episode of My Healthy Life to help us understand how this new model of healthcare works – helping you imagine how this model could fit into your lifestyle.

The practice, located in downtown Asheville, is staffed by a team of primary care providers and a health coach, and operates on a membership model, which means insurance is not required. Members access the services by paying a monthly fee that gets them 24/7 access to the provider – that might mean in-person visits, phone calls, text or email messages, or even virtual visits. If you already have insurance, Avenu Health would be an additional service that you’d pay via a monthly membership for added convenience and access to 24/7 care.

Dr. Aiken is passionate about how Avenu Health personalizes a person’s healthcare experience. “We ultimately want to transform how people experience healthcare,” he explains. “We want that to be a seamless, frictionless, really positive experience where there really aren’t any disincentives to engage.”

Avenu Health focuses on a person’s lifestyle as part of their overall health. They believe in caring for the whole person – so that you not only get well when you’re sick, but also stay well when you’re not. Through their relational approach, they provide primary care as it was meant to be: grounded in a relationship between people. They are passionate about personalizing care and are focused on delivering an authentic, hassle-free experience to help individuals achieve your optimal health.

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